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UFO are the initials of ”unidentified flying objects”. What we call UFO? We call objects that are observed in the sky and sometimes also in the distance which can not be classified in known human constructs or respective creations of nature. The existence of UFO is inextricably connected with the existence of aliens and other unknown creatures which do not belong to our earth. There are several testimonials which are claiming the existence of this illuminated flying objects, called UFOs. For example recently in Canada on 15th of July 2013, a family stayed speechless after the view of a blobbing pulsating and exploding light in the sky. The people although they were shocked of the unbelievable view they had in front of them, they had recorded this strange flying object which was surrounding the sky for around 15 minutes.

What is more in Brazil on April 2013, UFO were seen in the Serra do Gado Bravo by two cyclist and many others who were attending that time the area. Witnesses are claiming that UFO was disappeared suddenly, leaving the attendants speechless. Moreover residents who live in Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca cities in Cyprus have claimed that they had noticed big flashing lights in the sky several times in their region, most of them also have been recorded. Needless to say is the capture of a UFO by a security camera in Florida on 14th of September 2010 which was surrounding in the sky for thirty minutes. Residents were surprised and convinced that they had never seen again such a flying object in the sky, being sure that it wasn’t something familiar with our earth. Although experts haven’t given specific answers,leaving the topic levitated.

What about NASA? Lot of people believe that NASA is working and cooperating with companies which use alien’s technology and UFO, although they keep it as a secret from the public for it’s own reasons. Also lot of people are claiming that aliens and NASA consist fellow workers. What is really happening around us? Why do they stay silent and nobody of them reveals the truth? But we don’t really have to worry. Three things can not be long hidden. The sun, the moon and the truth.…