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Area 51

Area 51 is the secret military base located about 90 miles north of Las Vegas. The nearest examination point of its location is Tikaboo Peak, which is 26 miles from the base. The official name of Area 51 of US governments is “Groom Dry Lake Air Force Base. It has taken as a testing ground for top-secret prototype military aircraft. The original name of Area 51 is derived from maps that offered a area of land, marked by boundaries, a grid number. Nuclear testing sites also accompany this region.

The current purpose of this base is officially undecided. On the other hand if we look on the historical evidences, it’s been observed that it supports development and testing of untried aircraft and weapons systems for more than 50 years. The matter of fact is that despite of its underground nature this secret base is well known among the large part of the country because of its conspiracy theories involved with it.

Beginning of this secret base
During world war II Area 51 was used for bombing and artillery practice. After the war gets over this place remained empty. In 1955 when Lockheed Martin chosen this lonely site as the perfect place to test the new U2 spy plane since then it’s under US government and many secret task are being performed under this roof.

Area 51 facts and secrets
· Area 51 also knows as Paradise Ranch, Dreamland, Groom Lake, Home Base, Watertown Strip and Homey Airport.

· When this base Area 51 was selected as the testing site for the OXCART, to keep this place as a mystery new, 8,500-foot runway was built in order to divert the attention of the masses, and contractors had to work under cover of night.

· The actually area of the base that measures six by ten miles.

· The US government studies top secret technology in Area 51 with extremely tight security.

· It is believed that UFOs have been spotted and found in Area 51.

· In early stages the only medium of entertainment at Area 51 was a single cement tennis court and a small bowling alley.

· In recent poll around 57% Americans believe that UFOs are real.

· Area51 cannot be called as Area51 officially.

· Bob Lazer, a contrary scientist and engineer, claims that he had worked with an alien spacecraft in area 51 in 1988 and 1989.

· Americans who know Area 51 have signed non-disclosure agreements. After signing the agreements if they reveal anything about area 51 then they have to face punishment.

· The first OXCART appeared in 1962 and took flight two months later.

· The A-12 OXCART needs special fuel in a way to fly at such a extreme speeds and heights.

· The entire perimeter of the base is guarded by subcontracted security guards. The security guards are commonly armed with M16s and guard the whole perimeter of the base in different vehicles which includes SUV’s, Humvees and pickup trucks.

· These security guards are not allowed to use excessive force on civilians but in any case the civilians attempt to perform things which are against the base and its security then they are permitted to use excessive force in order to maintain its security.

· It’s a rumor that trespassers will be shot to death if they cross this area but it is not true they are charged with fine if they do so.

Area 51 at present
It is still a top secret military base in USA. People are more curious to know about the mystery of this aircraft base or a military base or something else. Which is becoming a topic for people to dig up with their fantasies?…

Area 51

Area 51 is a top secret military base situated at Groom Lake, Nevada. It’s located approximately ninety (90) miles, north of Las Vegas. Ever since the mid-1950s, Area 51 has served as military testing grounds and for experimenting on top-secret military aircraft prototypes.

Area 51’s GPS coordinates are 115°48’41.16″W 37°14’36.52″N as given on the internet. By the use of Google earth you will get a great view of Area 51. Simply key in “Area 51” in the (Fly To) field and enter then the map shall do the rest. The base has fro decades remained secret and hidden from the general public, until the year 1988 when a Soviet satellite spied and photographed the secret base leading to its publicity. Later on the a few publications got access of the photos by acquiring them and published them. The need to keep the Area 51 base secret is still of preeminent importance, but as long as satellite coverage is active, spying shall always happen.

The base is bordered by Groom Lake which is a dry lake bed. To its west is the NTS. Rachel town in Nevada is the closest town to Area 51; it is 25 miles north of this base. The base occupies only a small fraction of the vast 90,000 acres the base sits on. In it there is; a guard shack, some housing facilities, a mess hall for the personnel, offices, a few radar antennas, a hangar, runways and shelters. These semi-recessed, “scoot and hide” shelters are constructed and sit on the main runway so that these secret aircraft can be more easily and quickly hidden from enemy satellites spying overhead.

Some people allege that anything that you see on the surface is only a small part of the actual facility. It is believed that the surface buildings are built on top of a maze-like underground base. A few also claim that the labyrinth underground military facility has 40 or so levels and that Area 51 is attached via underground railway systems to other similar sites in Los Alamos, Los Angeles, and White Sands. Skeptics on the other hand are quick to point out that such a massive underground construction project would require a large and enormous human labor force and great use of machinery for its construction. The project would’ve led to the removal of tones of earth which would have to go somewhere and also the need for a large amount of construction material.

What really goes on at this base? Which are the activities undertaken here? Well, according to the U.S Air Force, this facility’s purpose is solely for; the testing of classified military/defense technologies and systems, training personnel for operations critical to the making of a more superior and effective U.S. military as well as the security of the United States. All blueprints and related maps regarding or touching on this facility and the housed projects in here are all classified information. The little information that is known is that; Lockheed, the CIA and the U.S Air Force have used Area 51 as a staging ground crucial for test flights of experimental, secret aircraft, referred to as black aircraft.

Area 51 was used as the development and testing facility for top notch aircraft technology ranging from the U-2 spy plane to the more modern F-117A Stealth Fighter and is still to date used to research and develop better aircraft technologies.…